About The Course

Android is the most loved and most used mobile operating system in the world. Developed by Google, it has the fastest growing database of apps which has crossed the 3.3 million mark in 2018. With billions of users worldwide, this number of apps is still small and there is room for more which also means you can make money in the process as well. This is where our Android development course in Lahore comes along.

Smartphones have brought about a revolution. Nowadays you will find apps on everything. This increase in the usage of apps and Android smart devices has created new opportunities for all to earn big and make a career out of this field. If you are thinking along the same lines, you should apply for this Android app development course in Lahore from PCI Trainings at the earliest. It might be a surprise for you, but Android holds eighty-five percent share of the smartphone market. This is why Android app development course in Lahore is absolutely essential. This course includes Java training as well so you will get a holistic app development experience.

Course Outline

Intro to Android Programming
Activities, Fragments & Intents
Android User Interface
Designing Interface With View
Displaying Pictures & Menus
Styles & Themes
SQLite, Data Persistence
Content Provider
Sending E-mail & SMS Messaging
Device Handling
Location-Based Services
Publishing Android Applications
3rd Party Library Integration
Firebase & Admob Integration
IDE (Android Studio)

Android Apps Development

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  • Fee: 35000/- (PKR)
  • Discount: Flat 40%
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Students: 0
  • Lesson: 0
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